Philosophy Jerks

Ep.35 – “Anti-Heroes”


It’s a brand new episode of the Philosophy Jerks, with hosts Brian and Josh. In this new episode, the guys talk about what makes an anti-hero. Why are they so appealing at certain times, and why do they fall out of fashion? What are some examples of anti-heroes? The guys cover this topic in depth, as well a review a new craft beer. Josh tells the story of his fake Kentucky family. Brian mourns the lack of QnA questions directed at him. All this and more! So kick back, grab your favorite beer, and enjoy the newest episode of the Philosophy Jerks!

Beer Review

How Now Brown Cow

Pours a chestnut brown with a sticky half finger light almond colored head atop.Caramel and bready aromas with a tinge of dark fruit.Not too sweet on the palate with some caramel and toast,some decent drying earthiness keeps the sweetness in check.Somewhat of a no brainer but the light hop profile makes it in my opinion better than an everyday brown ale.


Brewed by: Oddside Ale, Michigan, United States

Style | ABV:

American Brown Ale | 6.00% ABV

Josh: Thumbs Down

Brian: Thumbs Down


Q & A


Question #1:

Leonard: Josh, what are your thoughts on the deer culling going on in Ann Arbor?

Question #2:

(From California) Josh, what are your thoughts on the buzz word “Internet of Things” (IoT)? Any concern on the impact of privacy?

Question #3:
James M. Powers: Do you guys think the Republicans are going to successfully block President Obama’s nominee? Who do you think he will nominate? When are you releasing the full interview [from the last episode]?



TV on the Radio – Winter

Tom Waits – God’s Away on Business

Homeless Mustard – Creep (cover)

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