It’s time. A new episode, episode 86, Episode 85 (7H.1$ 1$ 4LL 4 dr34m), brings both hosts Brian and Josh back for the end of Season 6 and the 2nd episode of Season 7! A new episode, first lost, then recovered, and finally upgraded and published for your auditory enjoyment. The wheel, mere moments before it’s demise in the studio fire of 2017, time travels foreword in time, to now, through it’s devotion of Nowism. Yep. It’s a weird one folks. Yes, there is a beer. Of course we have the wheel blowout special from season 6. Sweet child, there will always be mention of Donald Trump. Buckle in folks, this episode should not exist, but it does. Enjoy it. But be warned, as a side effect of the temporal radiation, the audio gets a bit wibly-wobly at times.