Philosophy Jerks

Ep.34 – “Flint Water Crisis”

Special Guest: Paul Mattern


On this all new episode of the Philosophy Jerks, hosts Brian and Josh sit down to discuss the Flint water crisis with special guest Paul Mattern. What happen in Flint, exactly? How are the residents coping? What does a long term solution look like for the city? Can Flint survive this? And what can people do to help (hint: visit All the while, the guys play some great music, review a new craft beer, and of course answer all your questions. So kick back, grab your favorite adult beverage, and enjoy the Philosophy Jerks!

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Beer Review

Humboldt Brown Hemp Ale

Our fine Brown Ale is brewed with toasted hemp seeds that add a unique, herb-accented flavor. But we didn’t stop there- the American hops create a perfect balance to the darker malts in this brew. Hungry? Humboldt Brown goes great with a burger and some buddies.

Brewed by: Humboldt Brewing Company, California, United States

Style | ABV:

American Brown Ale | 5.70%

Josh: Thumbs Up

Brian: Thumbs Up


Q & A


Question #1:

Flint Kid : What are your thoughts about other cities in the U.S. having a worse problem with lead in the water than Flint?

Question #2:

Anonymous : Josh, I see that you are reading Infinite Jest. Do you think you will finish it? How is it so far?



Question Mark & The Mysterians – 96 Tears

Nadin Zaqaryan – System of a Down – Toxicity Cover

Grand Funk Railroad – I’m Your Captain/Closer To Home

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MLive Video, Flint Water Crisis – How We Got Here

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