Philosophy Jerks

Ep.12 – “Gore”


Brace yourselves, another brutal episode of the Philosophy Jerks has arrived! Join Brian and Josh as they welcome special guest Derek Schweigert from to discuss the chilling topic of gore and horror movies. Why is gore so different then other movies genre? What draws people to it? The guys spend a lot of time on this subject, and tear it back.


Beer Review

Dirty Bastard


Brewed by:

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Style | ABV 
Scotch Ale | 8.5% ABV




So good it’s almost wrong. Dark ruby in color and brewed with seven varieties of imported malts. Complex in finish, with hints of smoke and peat, paired with a malty richness and a right hook of hop power to give it the bad attitude that a beer named Dirty Bastard has to live up to. Ain’t for the wee lads.



Brian: Thumbs Up

Josh: Thumbs Up



Music Review


Napoleon XIV – They’re coming to take me away


Voodo Sharks – Red Right Hand (Nick Cave Cover)


Felis Catus


Checks Theses Out

Un Chien Andalou

Why Are Things Creepy?



download was created, designed, and is maintained by Derek Schweigert. The fruition of came about in the Spring of 2013, when Derek had the idea of creating one website to encapsulate all the great things he loved about 80s horror. Of course, the existence of all-encompassing cinema sites (like IMDb) were impossible to match content wise; however, it became obvious that few sites existed which focused solely on content devoted to 80s horror specifically.

To correct for this, Derek opted to create a site that would allow for fans of 80s horror to find all their favorite films, shows, and games in one easy to access location. Additionally, he wanted to help a new generation of horror fans discover new films that they otherwise might never hear about. He began regularly doing reviews and has since integrated with his youtube channel to provide additional content and to help others (based on his reported analysis using the Scar Scale) find films that might meet their interests and tastes.

You can find our more about at



“Skeletons full of closets”

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    Best episode ever!