Philosophy Jerks

Ep.24 – “Inside China and the Media”


We have a very special episode in store for you listeners! Join the Philosophy Jerks as they welcome a special guest, “Mike”. The guys sit around and discuss the differences and surprisingly similarities between the media in China and the US. Mike has been living in China as a journalist for a few years, and he brings a great perspective to the table. How much does the Chinese government censor it’s media? Why do they censor media at all? How does the youth communicate about topics online when they are banned? What role has social media played in changing the landscape of the media? All these questions and more in this episode of the Philosophy Jerks. And, of course, Brian and Josh review another craft beer, play some great tunes (written and performed by our guest, Mike!) and of course answer your QnA questions. So kick back, grab your favorite bottle of snow beer, and enjoy another great episode of the Philosophy Jerks!