I first witnessed Metz on April 17th of this year. I had shown up to a show at The Beachland Ballroom (basically a converted old school dance hall) originally to see Lightning Bolt play. Lightning Bolt has always been a force to be reckoned with live and never disappoint so I always jump at the chance to see em in person. Well one of the bands opening that night happened to be Metz. Don’t ignore the opening band kids. Openers need love too.

I had heard of them already because of my on and off again interest in Sub Pop’s releases but for whatever reason never checked em out. Well I was in luck that night because me and my friend were ready to get rowdy and most of the pre-show was spent drinking the cheapest beer we could get just in the name of showing The Bolt some love. This was probably the best thing I could’ve done because one needs that filter gone when witnessing a show like this. If you leave a Metz concert and you don’t smell like either sweat, alcohol or both then, ..well sir, you done fucked up. Think of that crazy concert footage you watched once (or twice) where people were climbing on stage and trying to scale speaker cabinets of the PA system, then imagine it’s you actually doing it. This band is completely rocking your fucking brains out and you KNOW it’s not the alcohol talking.

What’s that Steve Albini quote about music where he talks about he needs it to “hit him like a fucking shotgun blast to the chest” or something like that? Well Metz live is like that. It’s that rush of bodies in the pit, it’s every breakup, it’s every fit of rage, it’s every disappointment. But in that it’s also release, it’s letting go. I haven’t been this affected by the classic distorted, fast, “everything sucks rock” in years and somebody finally got it right. THANK FUCKING GAWD! And about 3 or 4 songs in when “Spit You Out” kicks in…. time kinda stopped for me. I mean goddamn. That is one tasty fuckin riff. I’ll admit I’m jealous I didn’t write that shit. That was the riff that sold me. That’s the moment where I went “This is a moment I want to be a part of. This can never end…like ever”. And when “Wait In Line” and “Kicking A Can Of Worms” kick in?!

Who the fuck are these guys? Why haven’t I made this into my life yet? I need to know these guys on a personal level. I want to scrape their psyches, I want to know what albums influenced their guitar playing, what influences their lyrics, hell, what they listened to while eating their Corn Flakes in the morning because I could have been this, I could have wrote these tunes. Flash ahead to about a month or so later I finally got the record from the Sub Pop site (Was kinda broke that night, that’s why I drank the cheapest stuff I could find). And “my garsh”… This is a little monster to be reckoned with.

Remember the Albini quote about getting blasted point range? It’s the same for their second album “Metz II”. Everything is mixed for maximum “fuck you” volume in your car and still sounds like a live show. Like you know the album is authentic, probably recorded in a couple takes and done for impact, and in that you know they can deliver the goods live at the drop of a hat. There’s no studio trickery, no high production just a band milking it, every gig, every show, every day. This band is precise, they are that bite to the jugular vein, they are “seeking, only to destroy”. I kinda wanna be a DJ and just open every morning with this album at like 3 AM as loud as the transmitter will go because people need to hear this shit.

Maybe I can go door to door “Hello sir, have you accepted Metz into your heart?” Maybe I can declare a “war on Metz” if radio stations don’t play this? “I blame the left wing media”.








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