Philosophy Jerks

Ep.27 – “Water in the Glass, part 2 – Optimism”


Is the glass half full or half empty? The second of a two part episode, the guys tackle the second half of that question: Optimism. What happens to our choices when we view them in an optimistic way? Or better yet, does Optimism lend itself to a deterministic world? Often optimists are regarded as the fools, but the guys have a little more to say on the matter. Finally, what happens when you only view the world as an optimist or a pessimist? Does it make sense to pick a side? Join hosts Brian and Josh as they conclude the first 2 part episode and tackle all the issues and questions around Optimism. And of course, a new beer review and all of your QnA questions answered! So kick back, grab a beverage, and enjoy the newest episode of the Philosophy Jerks!