Philosophy Jerks

Ep.29 – “Outsider Music”


Season three has started, and what better topic to celebrate then outsider music! What is Outsider Music? What genre is it? Why do so few people like it, and what does it feel so special to meet another person that likes the same outsider music as you? Brian and Josh are here to help draw out some of these questions. And, of course, they review another craft beer while they do it! At the tail of the show, as always, the guys answer your questions. So kick back, crack open your favorite zine, crack a beer and enjoy the Philosophy Jerks!

  • Ohio Josh

    As soon as you guys mentioned “Mayonaise” by The Smashing Pumpkins I had to pause the podcast and listen to that track again. That “Soma” and “Sweet Sweet” are my faves on the album.