Philosophy Jerks

Ep.14 – “QnA Super Show, Vol II”


Welcome everyone to volume 2 of the QnA Super Show series and the last episode in season 1! Once again we have been overloaded with great questions from you the listeners, and we spend the next hour answering as many as we can. And boy are these questions all over the map. What is morality? Highlights from Brian and Josh’s childhood. What so wrong about human breast milk and meat? Josh talks about his 10 day meditation retreat and that time he gave up music for 2 weeks. Brian recalls being awake for 72 hours. The guys confirm a new topic for a future episode based on a request from you the listeners! Of course the guys review a new beer, share a few laughs, and kick back at the Think and Drink studio. All this, and so much more, on this episode of the Philosophy Jerks!