Secret societies are everywhere, contain many members, and keep a ton of secrets. So many, in fact, that there is a lot of debate on their intentions and role in world affairs. We break down the meaning of secret societies, what their role appears to be in our world, and talk about a few prominent members of various societies.  We also review New Hollands Monkey King Saison, answer your QnA questions, and much more.



Secret Societies

Defined by Wikipedia

A secret society is a club or organization whose activities, events, and inner functioning are concealed from non-members. The society may or may not attempt to conceal its existence. The term usually excludes covert groups, such as intelligence agencies or guerrilla insurgencies, that hide their activities and memberships but maintain a public presence.

Episode Summary

Secret Societies permeate cultures around the world, and through time. They are as old as humanity itself. They have attracted the attention of outsiders and captured their imaginations with their often bizarre rituals. Join hosts Brian and Josh as they delve into the many issues that surround secret societies. Why are the theories about them so strange? Is it a good thing to outright dismiss their existence or influence around the globe? The guys tackle these question, talk about the current presidential run, and of course drink and review a new craft beer. And, of course, Brian’s favorite segment of the show; QnA. Kick back, grab your favorite beer and enjoy the newest episode of the Philosophy Jerks.


Beer Review

Monkey King Saison

A soft, medium body saison with subtle pepper character and fruity undertones.



New Holland Brewing Company Michigan, USA


Josh: Thumbs Up

Brian: Thumbs Up



Question 1

Anon: Brian, you talk a lot about the weather on Twitter, why is that?

Question 2

Laura Patterson: Brian, why do you hate the Lord Jesus Christ? He loves us. ALL OF US. He gave us America for ALL of us to have!

Question 3

James M. Powers: If Trump gets enough delegates to get the nomination, can they still do a brokered convention? Did you guys watch Full House as kids? Did you check Fuller House out?  What did you think of it if you did? Ecto Cooler is coming back. Thoughts on that? Also, did you see the Ghostbusters trailer?  What did you think of it? How do you guys feel about the return of Shane McMahon?



Nirvana – Territorial Pissings


Josh – Untitled Song

Working title: While We Sleep “Re-Erected” song

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The Simpsons – Stonecutters Song “We Do”



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