Super Awesome Mega Update!


Never attempt a major web site update hours prior to leaving for vacation. It seems simple enough advice, but my friends, trust them in your hours of absent minded thinking. Per usual, I failed to take my own advice and updated the site a few hours before leaving on vacation to Colorado. As atonement for such sins, I decided to devote an entire weekend to a complete redesign instead of fixing everything that was broken.

The site’s update was designed with simplicity and mobile friendly response in mind. The site now favors images instead of text. Moving in this direction allowed me to showcase much more content on the site without having it feel overwhelming while browsing. I’ve added a few new features and updated a few existing pages (all of which are highlighted below). As always, this site is always in a dynamic flux, but the intention is to keep it this basic setup for quite some time to come. Do you like the new design? Think it sucks? Let us know by clicking the Q&A button and leaving us a note. You can also email us directly at

New Features

  • New Theme – The entire site has been redesigned with a new theme source. The theme is Temptation, Version By Rohit Tripathi
  • Featured Episodes – This new category is a place to showcase special episodes. Typically will include episodes with special guests, or highly played episodes from our catalog. It will always showcase the newest episode plus six extra episodes.
  •  Beer Reviews – Each episode we feature a beer review in the front half of the show. Brian has been taking these reviews and putting them up on our YouTube channel. This new area of the site will feature those reviews as well as the footnotes to each review. [Beer reviews are still in the process of being added. Check back often for new reviews!]
  • Music –  This new area of the site features links to our YouTube and Spotify playlists of all the music that has been featured on the show. The Spotify playlist will not have all the songs due to their catalog limitations, but the YouTube channel will have everything. [New songs are added all the time. Check back often or subscribe to each playlists for updates!]

Updated Features

  • QnA Page – The Q&A page has been updated to fit the new design. The requirement for a name on the forum has also been removed. All that is required now is the actual comment/question. There will be further updates to this area of the site soon, including a new form plugin (I am in the process of testing new ones).
  • Listen Now – The player from the first version of this site has been retired. We are now using the player provided by our mp3 hosting service Libsyn. It is slicker, works better on mobile, and is the easiest to keep up to date 🙂 As a result, a new page has been created called Listen Now. It can be accessed by clicking on “Listen Now” under the Podcast menu (available only on desktop mode for now) or by clicking the “Listen Now” button on the side menu (for both Desktop and Mobile). You can access it here as well:
  • Episode Pages – The episode pages will be going through dynamic updates over the coming weeks. We are separating out the main feed and creating two new feeds. One for a more show notes style page (which will be featured on the website) and one for podcast services such as iTunes and Stitcher (more text based, shown only on those services). This will be a somewhat argues and major update, and will happen one episode at a time starting with the first episode. I will keep everyone updated as I roll these updated episode pages out.
  • Subscribe – We have now added support for Android subscribe. We are also testing and rolling out a new “Subscribe” page. For now the page is blank, but in the coming days a new page will be rolled out. You can find links to our iTunes, Stitcher, Android, RSS, and Email subscribe links by hovering the mouse over ‘Subscribe’ and selecting the service (Desktop mode only). We are also bringing back Soundcloud support, and will be soon be updating full episodes of the show on YouTube. For access to the new Android subscribe service click here.