A Small, But Significant Update

First and foremost, I would like to welcome the newest member of the Philosophy Jerks crew, Maria Page! She will be helping out with the show notes, both creating them for new episodes, as well as past episodes. She has been a tremendous help in expanding our content.

The Think and Drink Studio will be relocating in May of this year. We will be expanding the space, and setting up a full blown studio. Josh has been at work designing the new space. Stay tuned for more updates!



New Features

  • Show Notes Return – After a long delay, show notes are back! The latest three episodes now have show notes.
  • Beer Reviews – 7 new beer reviews have been added to the site. [Beer reviews are still in the process of being added. Check back often for new reviews!]
  • Topics – A new section on the home screen has been added called ‘Topics’. This will be a tag cloud of all our episodes, blogs, beer reviews, and more. [Tags for past episodes are being updated, expect the tag cloud to update to reflect those changes.]
  • Google Play Podcast Support – Philosophy Jerks have been added to the Google Play Podcast repository and will be ready to stream once the Google Play Podcast portal opens to the public (sometime in 2016).

Updated Features

  • Beer Review Page – A new layout has been designed for the beer review page. Review the new changes here: http://www.philosophyjerks.com/beer-reviews/
  • All Episodes Page – A new layout has been designed for the all episodes page. Review the new changes here: http://www.philosophyjerks.com/episodes/
  • Podcast Play Button Image – The play button on each podcast episode page has been updated. The previous small, grey button has been replaced with a large green button. The bigger image will make it easier to play podcast episodes on mobile devices.
  • Posts Side Menu – The side menu for posts (podcasts, beer reviews, blogs, etc…) has been updated. The Q&A button is now at the top and a new section for all posts by month and year.

Removed Features

  • Twitter Feed – The twitter feed will no longer be shown on the home page. This has been removed and replaced with the Topics section. You can always see our newest tweets at our Twitter page here: https://twitter.com/philosophyjerks