Philosophy Jerks

Ep.3 – “Sports”


Episode three touches down with Brian and Josh. In this episode the guys review the topic of sports. To help them, they bring on special guest Nate Schneider, sports beat writer for the Morning Sun.  We get to know Nate and how he came to get into sports, what he looks for as a journalist writing about sports, and what sells the most. Nate reminiscences about the worst game he has ever had to attend, and all three guys talk about the soccer craze coming to the US.

After the break, all three guys talk about why sports are so loved (and hated) and what sports mean to our culture.

All this and more!


Beer Review

Professor IPA

Brewed by:


Big Rapids, Michigan, USA


Style | ABV

India Pale Ale | 6.6% ABV

IBU: 65


A West Coast style IPA, the Professor is golden and sports a large frothy white head. Hops leap out of the glass, citrus, apricot, and herbal notes define this brew. There is enough malty body to keep you coming back for more.


Brian: Thumbs Down

Josh: Thumbs Down




Nate Schneider, Morning Sun Beat Writer

Nate Schneider is a sports writer at the Morning Sun. He covers CMU football, men’s basketball and baseball. Nate enjoys craft beer and vegetarianism. He struggles with his daily fashion sense.

You can find more about Nate and his writing here:

Morning Sun



Foot Notes

George Carlin – Baseball vs Football

Hoop Dreams

ESPN’s 30 for 30 Documentary Review



Music Review

The Understones – Rock’n’Roll part 2 (Gary Glitter cover)


Achozen – Deuces


MadMixMustang – Take Me On The Crazy Train



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