Philosophy Jerks

Ep.5 – “Technology”


Episode five, Technology! The guys are back after a brief stint to cover the greatest topic known to man (at least according to Josh). From their early beginning of their computer addiction to the effects technology is having on our world today, Brian and Josh hit the ground running. In the second half of the show, Josh has a nerdgasm as they explore the singularity and artificial intelligence.  Beer review, QnA, and much more on this episode of the Philosophy Jerks.


Beer Review

Trainwreck Amber Ale



Brewed by:

Mountain Town Brewing

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, USA


Style | ABV

American Amber / Red Ale |  8.20% ABV



An American Amber Ale brewed with maple syrup and honey to give it a full body and smooth sweetness

Approach with caution. This one will sneak up on you! Brewed to keep us warm in the winter months, but easily enjoyable any time of the year. Syrup and honey give this beer an irresistible sweetness that makes it impossible to have just one. No matter what you pair this one with make sure you get plenty to eat or you might find out how this beer got its name.


Brian: Thumbs Up

Josh: Thumbs Up



Music Review

Far – Monkey Gone To Heaven


Juice Rap News: The Singularity (ft. Ray Kurzweil & Alex Jones)


The Lisps – Singularity


Checks Theses Out


Ray Kurzweil: The Coming Singularity

What is Moore’s Law?

Singularity Or Bust

Technology Timeline; 1920s to Present