Philosophy Jerks has been building or a long time. From the moment I first heard someone talk on the radio, I was fascinated by the medium. The ability to talk about and play whatever you wanted over the airwaves for anyone to hear was a concept that seemed about the coolest thing possible. When I was in high school, I was lucky enough to take a radio and broadcasting class and learned all the basics of radio. I learned everything from editing, to how terrestrial broadcasting works. I was also lucky enough to also have a three hour block on the local college radio station, WHMW 91.5 for just shy of two years. This was around the year 2003. At this time I noticed that every radio station on the FM dial had largely started to sound the same. Gone were the unique DJ’s with their own personality and a tracklists they hand picked themselves. In it’s place was a corporate radio wasteland that played the same rotation of songs, DJ’s with the same voice and personality, and in some cases the DJ’s were pre-recorded. Radio was a dying medium if not dead already and it seemed my dream of taking on the airwaves was dead as well.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2005. I was walking into my late morning logic class at Central Michigan University, coffee and newspaper in hand. I had been paired up for group work with a new face to the philosophy program. That new face was none other than Philosophy Jerks co-host, Josh. Skeptical of each other at first, we eventually hit it off and became great friends. We shared a love for Bill Hicks, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, good coffee, good beer, while also learning and talking about anything we could. Around this same time a new medium on the internet was just coming into being: podcasts.


Podcasts are a natural and positive outgrowth of the information age. No longer is our audio entertainment and consumption contained to music players and radios. If you have something to say. no longer are you relegated to starting a pirate radio station, standing on a soap box in the public square like a madman or even worse, answering to the FCC. Have something to say, a review to give, or something to make people laugh? Just turn on your microphone, hit record, and put it up on the Internet. No censorship required!  It seems that my audio airwaves dreams were no longer dead, but reborn! I’ve always had a punk-rock and DIY attitude to do things, especially creatively. I cannot think of a better way pursuing this than through a podcast medium.


I have ventured into the world of podcasting before The Philosophy Jerks. I’ve had a couple of other ill-fated shows that are no longer with us. I have no bad feelings about any of them and I appreciate all the learning, work, and fun that went into them. I even did one episode of a music podcast that featured only unsigned artists I found online called The End of Radio. It’s not dead, but has been on the shelf for a while.



All these experiences have led us here, the debut of The Philosophy Jerks. Josh and I are both finding that our friendship also lends its way to working well with each other. We knew in our early 20s as university students that our long conversations over coffee, beer, and cigarettes had to be leading to something. And it has! That something has led you to reading this, and listening to the show. Going forward I hope that as you listen to The Philosophy Jerks you are entertained and maybe learn something. We look forward to dissecting topics in not only a philosophical way, but an entertaining way. Do not worry if you are not versed in philosophy as we both have always believed that philosophical thought should and can be accessible to everyone. Turn the show up, pour a good beer, coffee, or whatever beverage you wish and enjoy listening to the show. And do not forget to interact with us. I look forward to talking to all of you.