Continuing on their quest to episode 100, hosts Brian and Josh fly toward a distant speck in time and space. The speck gradually resolves into a temporal flux…the early 1990s!!

New beer review, special 90s edition of Headlines, 90s era tunes, and a tribute to the Billy Corgan Time segment during the Countdown to 100 segment. And folks…it gets weird!

Josh confesses to his laps in judgment when instead of listening to all the past episodes for clips for the countdown to 100 segment he creates and uses a time travel device to travel back in time and “pluck the clips from their place in time”. While doing this he decides to save the season finale from season 6. However in doing so he sets in motion the events that would lead to the burning of the wheel in the Great Studio Fire of 2017 as well as a rip in all of time and space.

Trapped outside of their timeline, hosts Brian and Josh embark on their journey through time to correct the timeline, stop the Great Fire of 2017, and move forward on their quest to episode 100. All the while, an evil shadowy figure lurks in the Easter egg segment.


The saga continues!