Philosophy Jerks

Ep.30 – “Toil The Earth”


In the recent Republican GOP debate, Marco Rubio claimed that welders made more for than philosophers, and that the nation needed more welders, not philosophers. Join hosts Brian and Josh as they sit down for another episode of the Philosophy Jerks and reply to Mr. Rubio’s claims. The guys decided to opt out of the “who makes more” portion of the debate, and instead focus the conversation on the stigma of vocational schooling as well as the idea of one type of career being better than another. They also take a closer look at the concept of having to be either a “doer” or a “thinker”. All this, and of course, your questions answers, another craft beer and music review and much more. So kick back in your favorite chair, crack open your favorite beer, and enjoy the newest episode of the Philosophy Jerks!

  • Michael Farmer

    You mentioned in the podcast “Tolstoy’s theory” about the field worker who has freed his mind. I cannot find anything about this online. Can you help?

    • Hi there Michael, thank you for your comment. The idea of the worker freeing his mind was actually a Wittgenstein remark on the works of Tolstoy. The Tolstoyan movement refers directly to the idea of a simple, humble, work off the land mentality. Tolstoy also references these concepts heavily in his two stories, “How Much Land Does A Man Need?” and “A Grain As Big As A Hen’s Head”. That being said, the craft beer may have enabled us to overstate the idea as “Tolstoy’s theory”. 🙂